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Current Research areas and Scholarly Activity

Articles in preparation for refereed publication

Journal: animation: an interdisciplinary journal Book Review: Animation, Embodiment, and Digital Media: Human Experience of Technological Liveliness by Kenny Chow.

Journal: animation: an interdisciplinary journal: publication of conference paper: Vital Remediation: The Liveliness of Digital Puppets.

Papers Submitted for refereed international conferences (with published conference proceedings)

(July 2015) Collaborative acts of live animation and the 'dance of agency'. Paper submitted to "Beyond the Frame", 27th Society for Animation Studies Annual Conference, July 2015. Canterbury Christ Church University.

(July 2015) The co-creation of real-time animation. Paper and Demo submitted to Electronic Visualisation and the Arts 2015 at the British Computer Society, London. July 2015.

(Nov 2015) Puppetry and Digital Vitality: Obsolescence and the Toy Story Franchise for "Toy Story at 20" Conference. University of Sunderland and Tyneside Cinema. Thursday 12 November to Friday 13 November 2015: This paper looks at animation qualities and assets across media - films, tie-ins and computer games.

Public output from research and scholarly activity

Articles and chapters in edited books: author(s) (of article); year of publication; title of article; (in) title of book; (edited by) editor(s); publisher; place of publication; first and last pages.

Ian Grant (2008) Transdisciplinary Digital Art: Sound, Vision and the New Screen, Chapter: Experiments in Digital Puppetry: Video Hybrids in Apple’s Quartz Composer. Communications in Computer and Communication Science. Edited by Randy Adams, Steve Gibson, Stefan Muller Arisona. Springer. 342-358.

Ian Grant. (June 2001) Digital Production in Hill, Leslie and Helen Paris Guerilla Performance and Multimedia London and New York:Continuum 1st Edition: “Guerilla Performance and Multimedia Handbook” 2nd Edition: “The Guerilla Guide to Performance Art: How to Make a Living as an Artist”. 1st Edition: ISBN: 0826453309. 2nd Edition: ISBN-10 0826473. 1st Edition Pages: 236-244

Other refereed articles: (for example, articles in professional journals and popular but serious journals where refereed): author(s); year of publication; title of article; title of publication; volume or equivalent; first and last pages.

(1996) Formation of a Research Design: Towards a Critical Ethnography of Educational Theatre: Poster Abstract (and Review by Joyce Wilkinson) in Somers,john, ed. 1996. Drama and Theatre in Education: Contemporary Research. North York, Canada: Captus Press.

Non-refereed articles: author(s); year of publication; title of article; title of publication; volume or equivalent; first and last pages.

(Jan 2001) Finding the Wooden Voice in Puppetry Into Performance: A Users Guide. London: Theatre Museum, Central School of Speech and Drama and the Puppet Centre Trust. 29-31. ISBN 09537729-42

Refereed and published conference proceedings

Ian Grant (2013) Surfaces and Shadows: Digital Shadow Puppetry and Augmented Silhouette Performance Presented at EVA London July, 2013. Electronic Visualisation and the Arts. The British Computer Society, Covent Garden, London WC2E 7HA. Published in the Refereed Proceedings.

Ian Grant and Dan Hughes-McGrail. (May 2013) 3D Digital Visualisation for Fashion and Textiles: A Practical Survey of Tools and Techniques. Presented at Digital Fashion 2013, the 1st International Conference on Digital Fashion, May 2013. London College of Fashion. Published in the Proceedings.

(2007) Talking Toys and Digital Puppetry. Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behaviour (AISB) ’07 at Newcastle University, Newcastle Upon Tyne, 2-5 April 2007.

7. Other refereed and/or non-published conference contributions*: author(s); year of publication; title of presentation or abstract; conference organisers; venue of conference.

Conferences / Symposium [ co-organiser / contributor ]

Ian Grant (2013) Presenter and Panel Convener: Expanded Animation in Public Spaces. Convened Panel with Dr Birgitta Hosea (St Martin’s College) on 'post-animation' and the archeology of animation; Joe Stephenson (of Rom and Son) on interactives, experimental interactive ‘toys’ and museum installations; James Stevenson (of the V&A Photographic Studio) on the 3D COFORM project at “Mediamorphosis”, University of Sussex, May 2013.

Conference Papers Delivered

Ian Grant (November 2015) Puppetry and Digital Vitality: Obsolescence and the Toy Story Franchises. Toy Story at 20. University of Sunderland and Tyneside Cinema, November 22-23 2015, UK

Ian Grant (October 2014) Vital Remediation: The Physical Liveliness of Digital Puppets. Digital Convergence. at the Bournemouth Visual Effects Festival, Bournemouth University. October 22-23 2014, UK

Ian Grant (May 2014) Digital Shadow Play: Depth, Alternative Projections and the Dimension of Shadows at The Digital in Depth: An Interdisciplinary Symposium on Depth in Digital Media. 30th May 2014. University of Warwick, UK.

Ian Grant (February 2014) Digital Shadows: Performing Hybrid Shadow Theatre at Merging Media 2014: An Interdisciplinary Conference on the Study of Hybrid Arts. February 1st 2014. University of Kent, UK.

Ian Grant (October 2013) An Introduction to Digital Puppetry: Digital Puppetry and Gesture-Based Control at the Performing Objects Conference. October 17th - 20th 2013 Falmouth University, Cornwall, UK

Ian Grant and Paul McConnell (June 2013) Interactive Technology & the Obsolete Object. Working with and archiving digital creative practice. Paper and Workshop at “Now/Then: Documenting, Publishing and Disseminating Objects & Experiences”, University of Sussex, June 2013. (AHRC funded Postgraduate / Networking / Skills Sharing Symposium).

Ian Grant (2013) Dead Media and the Shadow Puppet. Presented at the University of Sussex, School of Media Film and Music Doctoral Day, 2013.

Ian Grant (April 2013) Touch as puppetry: Achieving Subtle and Nuanced Performance Through Tangible Touch Interfaces. Presented at "The Tablet Symposium: Examining new media objects". University of Sussex April 2013

Ian Grant (April 2013) Resisting obsolescence through hybrid digital practices and pedagogies. Presented at the CAS/CADE Conference: "Codes of Engagement" 8th - 10th April 2013 at the Watershed, Bristol. To Be Published in the Proceedings.

Ian Grant (March 2013) Voice and the Digital Puppet Presentation at "Puppet Talk Interdisciplinary perspectives on puppets, sounds and objects in performance". University of Sussex, March 2013.

(Nov 2012) Critical Media Practice: Reflective Practice and Artistic Research. Creative and Critical Practice Research Group, University of Sussex.

(July 2006) Chair for the AM session of Developing Digital Diversity, a conference organised by the Faculty of the Arts, TVU at the ICA, London. UK.

(June 2004) Creative industry day at Truman Brewery presented: Flash and XML: Proprietary Software and Emerging Standards.

Official reports (for example, consultancy reports; report of chaired external committees); author(s); year of publication; title of report; report commissioned by whom; first and last pages.

Ian Grant, Tony Jackson, Pekka Korhonen and Elina Rainio,(1998) Educational Theatre in Finland and the UK: A Comparative Study. A Report to the British Council.

Other forms of public output: (for example, production; direction; choreography) musical works; works of art; computer programmes): provide details including details of any published critique of the work..

including: 10. Computer Software

(2016) ShadowEngine 005: Performance Animation Digital Puppetry System. Unity 3D

(2013) ShadowEngine 003: Performance Animation Digital Puppetry System. Unity 3D.

Multitouch Framework for Unity 3D (C# and Javascript)

ShadowEngine 002: Media asset pipeline and Multitouch Performance Application for iOS 4 (optimised for iPad).

Dialogue, the Feedback Machine; JISC funded e-learning project with TVU/UWL;

(2007) QCStereoscopicRecorder Computer Software by Ian Grant; Record real-time 3D anaglyphic movies.

TigerReflections Computer Software by Ian Grant; Real-time graphics Plugins;

Various Real-time Plugins for FactoryFX; Real-time graphics plugins for Final Cut Pro & Avid;

With Dr Stephen Todd. (April 2004) Presentation of an interface solution to the Irish Post Office in Dublin for Complete Genius / Paper River.

(Nov 2000) Language Genie and e-Learning a paper present at The Future of e-Learning: Innovative Small Companies held at the London Chamber of Commerce at HEBUS, the London Network of Business and Higher Education.

11. Citations

Dixon, S. (2007). Digital performance : a history of new media in theater, dance, performance art, and installation. Cambridge, Mass. ; London, MIT.

Media and Performance experience


(December 2014) “The Fry Chronicles: A Digital Gallanty Show” Short Video Submission for Penguin / Random House

“The ShadowEngine is such a creative idea! We loved the original use of source material and the artistic direction of this piece. Shows a real creative flair and a talent for storytelling, particularly in the bringing to life of all the various references and inspirations. The show was very enjoyable!"

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Stephen Fry and Will Gompertz (Arts Editor BBC) (2015)

(26-28th July 2012) "Worlds End" by Curious. Chelsea Theatre. Eight Musical arrangements and Cabaret Performance in collaboration with Curious. Curious are Helen Paris and Leslie Hill, Associate Professors of Performance at Stanford University."

(July 2008) One Dot Zero Industries. Contributed to motion graphics and visual programming for Kasabian's World Tour (pop/rock tour).

(March 2007-April 2007) Sense Detectives Group Exhibition. Watermans Arts Centre London. UK. Networked Art Piece.


(July 2005-2006) Piano/Vocal Performance Regular pianist at Kevin Spacey’s Old Vic Theatre, London and other venues (ongoing at other venues)

(April 2009) Puppetry and Voice event at Shunt London.


(January-August 2002) Seaside Towns. An online artistic collaboration with Funded by South East Arts.

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