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ShadowEngine 003 (2014)

ShadowEngine 003 (2014)

A Shadow Theatre Simulator. The Karagöz figures are scans from a collection held by Institut Internationale de la Marionnette...


ShadowEngine 003 Performance (2013)

ShadowEngine 003 Performance (2013)

Shadow theatre scratch performance and tests.


Digital Fashion Visualisation (2012)

Digital Fashion Visualisation Study with UG Fashion Students (2012)

Modo Renders

"Worlds End" Performance (2012)

"Worlds End" A Performance with Curious (2012)

Arrangements and piano performance for Curious and Claudia Barton, "Worlds End" at the Chelsea Theatre, July 2012.


"ShadowEngine 002 (2010-present)

ShadowEngine 002 (2010-present)

The second major iteration of my DPhil Shadow Theatre simulator. Made with Unity 3D and ran on the iOS platform.

"Softbodies (2010)

Softbodies (2010)

An exploration of obesity and the Olympics for the Cultural Olympiad. Installation and Photography.


"Shadow Engine 001 (2008)

Shadow Engine 001 (2008)

The first iteration of the ShadowEngine. Real time performance animation. Custom Software.

"Frame to Frame Motion Analysis (2008)

Frame to Frame Motion Analysis (2008)

Custom Software.

Performance at Shunt (2008)

Motion Analysis in Performance at Shunt (2008)

Custom software, using optical flow. Projection during vocal performance.

Gesture Analysis (2008)

Gesture Analysis (2008)

Gesture and Emotion Analysis with an Optical Flow and Heat-Map Technique (Quartz Composer)

Song Transcription (2008)

How Do You Say Auf Wiedersehen? (2008)

A transcription of an unpublished Johnny Mercer song. Rarely recorded. Beautiful."

Book Chapter (2008)

Experiments in Digital Puppetry (2008)

Conference performance and published chapter. Springer

OneDotZero (2008)

Harmonographs for OneDotZero (2008)

Real-time generative sound-lines and harmonographs (Quartz Composer)

Anaglyphic Stereoscopic Recorder (2008)

Anaglyphic Stereoscopic Recorder (2008)

Hardware construction and Custom Anaglyphic Recording Software (Obj-C)


Talking Toys Paper (2007)

Talking Toys (2007)

Published paper delivered at AISB, Culture Lab, Newcastle.

Generative Audio and Modelling (2007)

Generative Audio and Modelling (2007)

An early Unity experiment with L-Systems generating trees and audio.


Group Exhibition (2006)

Sense Detectives Group Exhibition (2006)

An SMS and flickr API installation at Watermans Art Centre, London. Web. PHP. Quartz Composer.


Seaside Towns with Curious (2001)

Seaside Towns with Curious (2001)

An elaborate online episodic narrative. Beautiful photography and panoramic Quicktime VR. Web Design

Book Design and Chapter (2001)

Collaborative Book Design and Chapter (2001)

Hill, L. and H. Paris. The Guerilla Guide To Performance Art. Continuum, London (2004). ISBN 0-8264-7398-9


After Fettig (1998)

3D Modelling and Animation

Working after Hansjürgen Fettig, this project visualises self-standing figures, typical of table-top puppetry.

Finding the Wooden Voice (1997)

Finding the Wooden Voice (1997)

Conference Paper.

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