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Interactive Shadow Figures Digitised from the IIM Collection

IIM Karagöz and the ShadowEngine

Karagöz in the ShadowEngine (2014)

The IIM's Karagöz collection - digitised for ShadowEngine.

The IIM generously funded a research residency for me to explore their archives. The figures are scans from a collection held by the Institut Internationale de la Marionnette, France.

My methodology follows the pattern of ‘media archeology’. It seeks rich documentation of puppet media forms. Therefore, I have a research interest in performance documents and historical material. I have a need to research design material: evidenced by photographs, drawings, diagrams, patents and material artefacts.

While in residence I digitised the Karagöz collection and viewed:

  • Items from the specialist book / journal collection
  • the Image Collections
  • various Video / Performance Documentation
  • other Physical Artefacts

Public Outputs

Complete and in Preparation

  • Evolution of the code and content of the ShadowEngine.
  • Photographic Documents
  • A monograph of photographs of the IIM Karagöz collection
  • A set of Karagöz atlas images for games development.
  • Computer Software where the Karagöz puppets are enlivened as animatable assets in a games engine
  • An iOS app demonstrating the animatable assets.

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