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Academic, Developer & Designer working as a consultant with over 15 years experience.

The short story about me

Ian is a digital artist and performer who led art and design at the Ealing School of Art, Design and Media at UWL (2007-2013). He is an experienced Senior Lecturer in Digital Arts and Media.

Developer: Ian has created real-time image processing and stereoscopic software, interactive installations, multitouch experiences and iOS apps. He is globally known for supporting visual-programming communities, particularly surrounding Apple technologies.

Researcher: He presents regularly at conferences about his work in digital arts, pedagogy, digital visualisation, multimedia- performance and media (an)archaeology.

His teaching is informed by practice-led research. He is experienced across a range of disciplines specialising in computer art, creativity-coding and applied performance.

What can I do for You

  • Consult on the latest creative technologies.
  • Create responsive design across platforms: web, native, mobile, experiences, branding, installations.
  • Innovation and new approaches to puppetry design, performance and control.
  • Creative digital works for exhibition, art, education, retail and performance.
  • Facilitate active learning on creative design, puppetry, performing arts and creative technology.

Select Works

Game Development

The ShadowEngine project evaluated a range of games engines, middleware and frameworks and uses Unity 3D to produce a multi user, co-creative play-space enlivening dead, archival puppets and other subject matter.

The ShadowEngine Karagöz project is grateful for the support of the Institut International de la Marionnette (IIM).

3D Fashion Visualisation

The 3D Fashion Visualisation project set out to explore the use of digital fabric simulation and 3D visualisation for fashion and textiles students: to support design, fabrication and marketing endeavours. We evaluated the digital skills and technical literacy demanded of fashion students by 3D visualisation and conducted a set of small pilot projects where fashion and textile students and 3D animators/games designers collaborated, exchanged skills and through collaborative design encounters shared terminologies and practices. Nice and sometimes fluffy!

3D Modelling, Rigging Lighting, Rendering for Games and Animation

A 3D generalist and experienced technical art director, Ian combines a broad skill in contemporary digital content creation with practical technical insights - across plafforms, networking, graphics programming and digital content creation suites.c

Ian is particularly interested in digital puppetry, real-time animation and procedural processes, e.g. rigging and level design.

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